Can't run dbt, would really appreciate help!

Hello, hope this is the proper place to post my question, as i’m a little desperate.

The error I get is when I run is:

[PS C:\Projects\data-dw> dbt run
Running with dbt=0.15.2 (installed the version my boss is using)]
Encountered an error:
argument of type ‘NoneType’ is not iterable

I’m a beginner on my second day of my first job and spent the entire afternoon trying to run dbt with my boss remotely, giving the circumstances of covid-19, and it would fail every time, running every models or a single model, which all would work on his computer and also supposed to work on mine since he helped me to set up everything from python and the yml with the json from bigquery and so on.

I’m afraid I messed somewhere on my part, would really appreciate help as my boss said he is running out of options.

Thank you in advance!

Sorry to hear you’ve been running into this issue on your second day!

This error

argument of type ‘NoneType’ is not iterable

is often an indication that you have incorrectly formatted configuration. Assuming you haven’t changed any files in the dbt project itself, it’s possible that there’s a formatting error in your connection profile (profiles.yml), since that file lives locally on your machine.

Can you confirm that your profile matches the exact spec detailed in the docs? See also the different profile configs based on the database you’re using.


you were right, something went wrong when changing the file from .txt to .yml, i’m a noob still have a lot to learn. It’s now fixed and working.

Thank you so much for helping!