How to add varable in bitbucket-pipelines.yml

my bitbucket-pipelines yml is like below:, i need to pass var into the pipeline. but somehow, it always give me error. Any one please help. the command line, it doesn’t have any problem when i run it on my local one by one.



- parallel:

  - step:

      name: Install dbt

      deployment: dev


        - pip


        - pip install dbt

        - dbt test --profiles-dir ./

        # - dbt snapshot --profiles-dir ./

        # - dbt run --profiles-dir ./

        - dbt run --model tag:governed_schema --vars 'ic_schema: governed'

        - dbt run --model tag:semantic_schema --vars 'ic_schema: semantic'

        - dbt run --model tag:snapshot_schema --vars 'ic_schema: semantic'