Insert into in dbt

Hi All,

I am new to dbt hence asking basic concepts.
I read in documentation that with two configuration property , select statement can be changed to behave like insert into.
I am trying to get those two properties without success.

“With two configuration changes, a model can be flipped from a materialized table that is rebuilt with every dbt run to a table that is built incrementally, inserting the most recent rows since the most recent dbt run . dbt will wrap the select into an INSERT statement and automatically generate the appropriate WHERE clause.”

Could you please help with those 2 properties please.
put me in right direction so that I can learn more about DBT and how to use it right wy with snowflake.


Hi! This is called an incremental model, and DBT has more documentation about it here:

We use an incremental model in our DBT environment, so I’m happy to try and answer any more specific questions if you have them.

Thanks for reply.
I am looking for examples where dbt generate insert into statement at run time.

Could you also please help guiding , how to run dbt from BASH Shell.