Php file to dimension tables


I have a php file that stores all the codes and names of the codes for a variety dimension types.
I want a process to upload this file ad-hoc to make sure it reflects newer added codes and definitions.

The required output is several tables that will serve as look ups to the codes used in the system data.

Any idea if DBT can process this into Snowflake?

Example for 1 Look up table based on Cart classification :
(The actual Php file has 200 lists and is 1500 lines long)

$this->lists[‘CART_CLASSIFICATION’] = array(
‘name’ => ‘Cart classification’,
‘description’ => ‘Cart classification categories’,
‘active’ => 1,
‘items’ => array(
‘BILLING’ => array(
‘id’ =>1,
‘slug’ =>‘BILLING’,
‘name’ =>‘Billing’,
‘description’ =>‘billing’,
‘display_order’ =>0,
‘active’ =>1
‘id’ =>2,
‘slug’ =>‘BOOKINGS’,
‘name’ =>‘Bookings’,
‘description’ =>‘bookings’,
‘display_order’ =>0,
‘active’ =>1
‘id’ =>3,
‘slug’ =>‘CARTS’,
‘name’ =>‘Carts’,
‘description’ =>‘carts’,
‘display_order’ =>0,
‘active’ =>1