Welcome to dbt Discourse


Welcome to dbt discourse!

dbt discourse is a place for dbt users to ask questions, and share advice, not only about dbt, but about the wider data stack.

If you’re new to dbt, we recommend you:

Where possible, we’ve sorted posts into a few different categories. Feel free to browse them, or, if you’re creating a new post, add it to one of the categories!


  • Modeling: Anything related to the code written in the models/ part of a dbt project, from SQL magic, to breaking up models, to naming fields.
  • Macros and UDFs: Different jinja macros and UDFs that dbt users have used in their projects.
  • Materializations: Posts related to different materialization strategies used in dbt.
  • Testing: Posts related to testing dbt projects.
  • Deployment: Posts about how to deploy your dbt project (or docs!), including gitflow and testing environments.
  • Releases: Release notes for dbt.

Wider data ecosystem:

  • Data Stacks: Posts about the different tools that exist in a modern BI infrastructure, for example, data loaders, BI tools and warehouses.
  • Database Administration: Posts about best practices for database administration, for example, setting up users, permissions, and tuning performance. These posts may not directly relate to code within a dbt project (though often dbt can help you out!).
  • Workflows: How data teams get work done.
  • Water Cooler: Anything else!

These categories will likely change over time, feel free to shoot @claire a message on Slack if you have any feedback!