A dbt highlighter for Atom! ⚛️

We’ve built a basic dbt-flavored highlighter for atom!

It highlights jinja within sql, yaml, and markdown files, and it also includes a number of standard and dbt-specific jinja snippets.


UPDATE: It’s now a published Atom package, with even MOAR snippets! You can install it the way you would any other package – just go to Packages > Settings View > Install Packages and search for atom-dbt¹.

Check out the source code here – pull requests welcome!

¹If you had already installed the package by cloning and using apm link, first run apm uninstall atom-dbt from your command line before installing the published package


I’m using this already, started this morning! Big fan of the syntax highlighting :smiley:

@claire Haven’t even installed it yet, and already SO excited


Ported to Vim!

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I forgot that I had also created this snippet for dbt docs.

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