About dbt metric flow timeline

Hi, i wanted to understand about the dbt MetricFlow time spine. I have few doubts regarding it.

  1. Why do I need metricflow time spine when i have a time dimension mapped to every metric and measure associated to it.
  2. What does it do behind the scenes while calculating metrics.
  3. When creating derived metrics if i have 2 metrics with 2 different time dimension how dbt timespine will help in this case to arrive at the results.

Hello there

There are several steps to calculating metrics.

  • Steps: first, collect the data from the various sources; make sure this data is free from ant errors.
  • After completing the data, apply the formula.
  • I think this calculation mentions the sum, average, and other methods.
  • This process ensures accurate and meaningful metrics.

I hope this will be helpful for you. For more information, you can check out this thread :point_right: How to create measures in dimensional tables without time dimensions