Access model name with jinja inside the model

I would like to use my model name in its query using jinja. Is this possible?

My model is named: stg_source__model_name.sql

I would like something like:
{{ }}
that returns


Would {{ this.table }} meet your needs?

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It doesn’t, since in an incremental model, this compiles to request should work!

It looks like you might be using the dbt cloud IDE - the rpc server that powers it will sometimes return request instead of the node name (normally when in an unsaved file).

can u try using {{ }}

{{ }} → current_model name

{{ this.database }} → current model database name

{{ this.schema }} → current model schema name

{{ this.identifier }} → cureent_model name

{{ this }} -> {{ this.database }}.{{ this.schema }}. {{ }}.

Thanks for answering @joellabes @Surya!
Right, since I am using the cloud IDE, it always returns request instead of the model name when using preview and compile, but does return the correct model name on build.

Is there a way to make it work for preview too? Otherwise I cannot debug it and preview it while developing.


Not at the moment unfortunately - it’s a limitation of the old dbt-rpc project. The good news is that we are actively working to replace dbt-rpc with a new system that will be able to do this correctly - this doesn’t help you right now but is very front of mind for us.

Nice @joellabes!
Is there any issue or PR that describes this new dbt-rpc so I can follow it?


miércoles, 29 marzo 2023, 00:46a. m. +02:00 de Joel Labes via dbt Community Forum

Yep! Check out GitHub - dbt-labs/dbt-server: A web API for dbt.

We’re expecting this to land in the IDE somewhere around the middle of this year :crossed_fingers:

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