Best way to used shared profiles.yml

The problem I’m having

I’m brand new to testing out dbt and just working through configuration. I’ve read a lot of the docs and have found ways around what I’m trying to do, but would like to figure out the easiest way to do this.

We use Domino Data Labs at work and I would like people to use standard environment variables and profiles to connect to the right database and schema.

However, when issuing the dbt run command, it doesn’t like that I’ve put profiles.yml in the root of my project, it’s looking for it in a user directory. I saw I can pass the --config-dir to the run command, but I’m trying to make it slightly more seamless for people using the software. Is it possible to set the default location somewhere so dbt run can run without the “dbt run --profiles-dir /opt/dbt/” option?

Similarly, can I default to the dev vs prod profile based on which branch of the github account the user is working in? So if they are running code out of the develop branch, it would know this and target the correct dev credentials?