(bigquery + dbt) error dataset is not available in region but the dataset is available

The problem I’m having

We made some changes to the models and when we deployed we started getting errors that the dataset is no longer available. I’ve confirmed that the dataset is 1) available 2) in the location. I can even run all the previews in dbt, it just when I go to run the build that this message displays.

What I’ve already tried

  • Tried to specify the dataset more specifically project.dataset.table
  • Checked credentials and they have access

Some example code or error messages

Got an exception: Runtime Error
  404 Not found: Dataset challenger-#########:[table] was not found in location us-west1
  Location: us-west1
  Job ID: 9e8fa4e1-d8b5-4d40-9ba2-32320988c84c