Can dbt cloud use multiple redshift severless databases as sources?

I have two data sources, for example 2 different redshift severless workspaces, one with 8 nodes and one with 16 nodes.
database_1 and database_2 are from the two respective redshift clusters.

I have a single dbt project and I need to read data from both datasources.
my project has a sql_1 model that uses database_1 and it also has a sql_2 model that uses database_2 as the source.
The lineage can be something like this, sql_1 ā†’ sql_2 etc.

Is this possible? Can I have two different database sources in a single project? and if so, how can I do it?

The reason I want to do this is because sql_1 work works really well with an 8 node cluster and sql_2 works really well with the 16 node cluster. They both have the same target database.

Any guidance would be really appreciated.
We have an enterprise dbt cloud account.

Can anyone answer this question? Iā€™m looking for someone to answer because I have the same question. If anyone has solution, please tag me. Thanks a lot.