Can I generate yml files to the target folder in macro

The problem I’m having

I want to generate yml files to the target folder in macro.

Is that possible?

Thank you.

can you provide more dwtails.

@Surya Thank you for your reply.

For example, I create a macro like generate_yaml_for_model.sql.

Then, I set a string variable like model_yaml with the yaml content of a model.

Finally, I want to output the value of the variable to a physical file like model.yml to a subdirectory in the target folder.

In summary, I want to know if we can create/modify/delete folders and files in target folder from a macro.

Thank you.

Looking for a reply.

I think its not possible with sql models but it migt be possible with dbt python models.
dbt python models are py files u can write python code to read and write to files

Thank you, @Surya .

Can we create Macro by using Python (dbt python)?


Hi guys, any ideas?

Thank you.

Creating files from macros is not possible
But u can do onething create a python dbt model and write ur code there to generate yml file and run the model

I didn’t try this. U can give a try