Can't enter personal development credentials for db Cloud - BigQuery quickstart

I have just started following the setup steps in the ‘Quickstart for dbt Cloud and BigQuery’ tutorial, and am new to both dbt and GCP. I have obtained the necessary GCP permissions, created a GCP project, created a Service Account, created a BigQuery API key, downloaded a service account key, created datasets jaffle_shop and stripe, linked my dbt Cloud account to a dbt-tutorial repository in my personal GitHub account. However, when i press the Develop link in the dbt dashboard, I receive a ‘Credentials Required’ error dialog. When I then press the Configure Credentials button and try to configure the credentials for my dbt-tutorial project, I can find no prompts for credentials. Here is the screenshot from dbt.

Can someone help with this? I don’t think there is a GCP permissions problem, but with so many unsuccessful tries and retries in both GCP and dbt Cloud it is difficult to know if I made a mistake somewhere.