change dbt_test__audit schema when using --store-failures

The problem I’m having

The docs for for store_failures says:

When true, store_failures save all the record(s) that failed the test only if limit is not set or if there are fewer records than the limit. store_failures are saved in a new table with the name of the test. By default, store_failures use a schema named dbt_test__audit , but, you can configure the schema to a different value.

But doesn’t say how to do so

The context of why I’m trying to do this

I’m unable to save to the dbt_test__audit schema due to IT constraints.

What I’ve already tried

I can’t think what to try, there’s no schema to override. I tried looking for dbt_test__audit in the github but it’s in a few places and isn’t readily apparent where I’d override it.

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Hi @VDFaller, check this doc page here

You can change the schema like this:

  +store_failures: true
  +schema: the_island_of_misfit_tests
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