Code factorization and code generation

Using dbt core in a huge project for its factorization capabilities (type less, do more), I created reusable models which have a variable Alias configuration like

{{ config( 
        alias= 'GOLD' + system.upper() + '_STUFF',
        schema='GOLD_' + source_system.upper(),

where system is a variable. Works great, having 40 different values for my “system” variable, I am sparing so much time. Also have a kind of branching system, where depending on the “system” values, some models are run and other are not.
However, things get complicated when it comes to docs generate : doc is only generated based on the last value of my “system” variable and I’d like to generate a complete doc showing the lineage of all my systems in dbt.
Do I missed something? Doesn’t it looks weird that dbt factorization capabilities are incompatible with doc generation capabilities?