Compare table from MySQL and Redshift DW table

Hello All,
I am using redshift data warehouse for the analytics and my production data is in MySQL db. I perform incremental updates in the data warehouse daily.
Here, my use case, i want to compare this migrated data with production data as part of validation. I have faced few hurdles with version mismatches when i tried using audit_helper package by installing dbt-core, dbt-mysql and dbt-redshift.
I created a model as follows:

  a_relation=api.Relation.create("database", "schema", "table"),   -- prod
  b_relation=source("source_name", "table"),  -- dw

and run command

  dbt run -m  <model_name> --no-version-check

Here do we have to choose targets in the dbt run command since i need to access two databases in a single run.