Compiling just one model in a different profile

Hi community,

I have 3 different profiles for my dbt core implementation, that are pointing to 3 different AWS account objects (Basically to separate dev, uat and prod environments). When I run a model over dev, with the objects I’m using for developing, everything goes smooth. I want to run just one of my models in uat env, and I’m using:

dbt run --models uat_table --profiles-dir profiles --target uat

But the run fails, as at the moment of compiling, there are some source objects for other models that right now just exists on dev environment.

dbt.exceptions.CompilationException: Compilation Error in model other_table
  Model 'model.other_table' (models/other_table.sql) depends on a source named 'uat.source_table' which was not found

How can I run in uat the model that I need, without compiling for the rest?

Thanks in advance!