Connection error using DBT 1.6 core to Redshift Serverless

New to dbt. Using 1.6 core from Windows machine.
When trying to connect to Redshift Serverless, I’m getting the following error:

e[0m09:49:18.937644 [info ] [MainThread]: host: default-workgroup.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx…
e[0m09:49:18.937644 [info ] [MainThread]: user: dbt
e[0m09:49:18.953118 [info ] [MainThread]: port: 5439
e[0m09:49:18.953118 [info ] [MainThread]: database: demo_dbt
e[0m09:49:18.953118 [info ] [MainThread]: method: database
e[0m09:49:18.953118 [info ] [MainThread]: cluster_id: None
e[0m09:49:18.953118 [info ] [MainThread]: iam_profile: None
e[0m09:49:18.953118 [info ] [MainThread]: schema: tickit_dbt
e[0m09:49:18.953118 [info ] [MainThread]: sslmode: prefer
e[0m09:49:18.953118 [info ] [MainThread]: region: None
e[0m09:49:18.953118 [info ] [MainThread]: sslmode: prefer
e[0m09:49:18.953118 [info ] [MainThread]: region: None
e[0m09:49:18.953118 [info ] [MainThread]: iam_profile: None
e[0m09:49:18.959666 [info ] [MainThread]: autocreate: False
e[0m09:49:18.959666 [info ] [MainThread]: db_groups:
e[0m09:49:18.959666 [info ] [MainThread]: ra3_node: False
e[0m09:49:18.959666 [info ] [MainThread]: connect_timeout: None
e[0m09:49:18.959666 [info ] [MainThread]: role: None
e[0m09:49:18.959666 [info ] [MainThread]: retries: 1
e[0m09:49:18.959666 [info ] [MainThread]: autocommit: True
e[0m09:49:18.959666 [info ] [MainThread]: Registered adapter: redshift=1.6.0
e[0m09:49:18.959666 [debug] [MainThread]: Acquiring new redshift connection ‘debug’
e[0m09:49:18.959666 [debug] [MainThread]: Using redshift connection “debug”
e[0m09:49:18.959666 [debug] [MainThread]: On debug: select 1 as id
e[0m09:49:18.959666 [debug] [MainThread]: Opening a new connection, currently in state init
e[0m09:49:18.959666 [debug] [MainThread]: Redshift adapter: Establishing connection using ssl with sslmode set to ‘prefer’.To connect without ssl, set sslmode to ‘disable’.
e[0m09:49:18.959666 [debug] [MainThread]: Redshift adapter: Connecting to redshift with username/password based auth…
e[0m09:49:19.106557 [debug] [MainThread]: Redshift adapter: Error running SQL: select 1 as id
e[0m09:49:19.106557 [debug] [MainThread]: Redshift adapter: Rolling back transaction.
e[0m09:49:19.106557 [debug] [MainThread]: On debug: No close available on handle
e[0m09:49:19.106557 [info ] [MainThread]: Connection test: [e[31mERRORe[0m]