Customizing values returned by erroring tests in DBT

The problem I’m having

I would like to customize the values returned specifically by erroring tests in dbt core for both generic and specific tests.

The context of why I’m trying to do this

dbt Core is currently being used inside of MWAA, which is allowing us to utilize a scheduling aspect through an AWS corporate platform account. The issue we have is : tests as run in the DAG via dbt for the models are producing errors correctly, but only returning a value of 1 to the AWS subprocessing. Our preferred outcome would be that the subprocessing can access and report out the errors logged in the error messages produced by dbt (does currently display correctly in AWS) and send those in the email report of what error’d where and why

What I’ve already tried

Already tried the utilization of the logs from dbt to be reported, but running into some issues with MWAA then accessing those and moving those along since the error is causing the signal from the subtask to return the error’d value without the processing. I’ve also looked through the forum, and there does not seem to be anything related to this currently or in help topic, so wanted to bring up the state of this, the value add, and such to the community with a forum help post.