dbt 1.8 selector config.materialized:table not working in prod

The problem I’m having

We are experiencing a different behaviour on the dbt selector command when running it in development (cloud IDE) vs when it is running as a job.

The command itself is:
dbt build --select config.materialized:table config.materialized:incremental

Some example code or error messages

When running it in the development env, it does recognise the incremental and the table models but when running it in prod as a job it shows the following warning:

08:39:26 The selection criterion ‘config.materialized:table,’ does not match any enabled nodes
And the table models do not run.

The context of why I’m trying to do this

We just want to run the tables and not the models defined as views since those do not change.

Other info

I am running dbt 1.8 version in case this has any impact.

Any idea on why this is happening? Could it be a bug? Am I overseeing something?? Many thanks in advance! (edited)