Dbt+ airflow failed on vaccum comment

I am testing out connecting my dbt model with airflow.
This is my setting in airflow and i just use a simple bash operator to call for dbt run:

dag = DAG(
    , start_date=datetime(year=2019, month=12, day=27, hour=0, minute=0)
    , schedule_interval='@hourly'
    , default_args=default_args
    , max_active_runs=1
    , catchup=False
    , concurrency =1

I have an incremental model where I use a post-hook to vacuum the table to keep the sortkey working.
{"sql": "vacuum {{this.schema}}.{{this.name}}", "transaction": False}
Our db is in aws redshift.

Unfortunately, I keep on getting issues with the dag where it is failed because the vacuum job is hanging from the previous run. Does anyone has any insight into this?
Here is a sample of the error code