dbt and Oracle 19c

Does it work?

I am new to dbt and researching new solutions for our team.
I know dbt works with Oracle Autonomous DB. Does it also work with Oracle 19c (in AWS RDS and EC2)?

Any other ideas?

Generally, I’m looking for a more efficient way for analysts/analytics engineers to extract/load data from multiple sources, create transformations, and serve the transformed data back to a database. Or, perhaps I’m I’d settle with parquet outputs.

I am not a data engineer, but have decent SQL, R/python skills, and have been doing a lot of research.

Our tool stack includes:

  • python / R (I’ve been fiddling with duckdb)
  • Oracle 19c
  • SQL Server (different database / set of data)
  • Creation of Windows or Linux servers set up by IT, but generally no access to cloud services. Might be able to make a case for access if I knew better how to explain our direction.

Any help appreciated, thanks!