DBT Cloud override time_out setting?

I’m in dbt Cloud and my model gets a timeout error after 300seconds. SQL job gets cancelled so it’s a time out setting on dbt side.
In the documentation I encountered a job_execution_timeout_seconds: option in the profile.yml. However it is stated that this is meant for dbt Core only, not for dbt Cloud.
Furthermore I guess this is a dbt wide setting as I’m not seeing any configuration like this in the project I have access to.

So now I’m wondering where/how to manage this and if there is a possibility to override any default setting on a project or even model level?

It is configured at the job level.

Create Job → Deploy Job → Advanced Settings (at bottom).

Thanks! That should be helpful.
For now managed to split up the model into different parts, which gave me a boost in performance because the parts can be executed in paralell :wink:
but good to know the setting is there!

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