dbt Core - Semantic Layers & Measures on Clickhouse


My team is currently deploying a new DWH system in our company based on the Clickhouse DB. As we are still undecided between the visualization tools (Superset with direct query or Power BI with import mode), we have managed to determine the layers in our new data warehouse. This setup is more or less based on the instructions from Kahan and his hybrid approach, including staging / core DWH (with star schema) / data marts (with big wide tables).

We are uncertain about the following:

  • Based on these layers, where should we place our dynamic measures, which could later be used in Superset (such as net sales, COGS, etc.)?
  • How can we leverage the dbt Semantic Layer (Metric Flow) and incorporate the same definitions of those measures (considering that we are working with dbt Core and this edition has limited functionalities regarding the semantic layer)?