DBT Core with Databricks - Model executes but fails on archiving artifacts

Some of our dbt-core jobs that are being executed through databricks job are failing with the error “run failed with error message Failed to archive dbt artifacts”

The Model itself completes sucessfully but the Job is marked as failed with the above error.

02:58:05 Finished running 1 table model in 0 hours 1 minutes and 2.10 seconds (62.10s).
*02:58:05 *
02:58:05 Completed successfully
*02:58:05 *
02:58:05 Done. PASS=1 WARN=0 ERROR=0 SKIP=0 TOTAL=1

we have tried passing the target path explicitly, also tried no-write-json parameter but nothing works

The same databricks job works fine in our other environments without any code change

Any help is appreciated