DBT defaults to creates views for each model after version 1.3 update

Hi there!
We have recently updated from dbt-snowflake version 1.0.0 to 1.3.0 and noticed that the *_dbt_tmp step for each DBT model is now being created from a snowflake view instead of a snowflake temporary table as it was before with 1.0.0:


create or replace temporary table {DATABASE}.{SCHEMA}.{DBT_MODEL_NAME}__dbt_tmp ...


create or replace view {DATABASE}.{SCHEMA}.{DBT_MODEL_NAME}__dbt_tmp ...

I would like to know how I can still maintain the initial behaviour in 1.0.0 (DBT models from temporary tables) while still using 1.3.0. Is there perhaps a configuration that can be changed to keep this behaviour?

We are using the incremental materialization for our DBT models, to transform from one snowflake table to another snowflake table.

Matthew Williams
Software Engineer at Ramp Growth