dbt_external_tables: can I create a materialized: table (and not external table)

the package “dbt_external_tables” create in snowflake an “external” table and I would like to create a “real” table (materialized: table).

can I do it with this package?

External tables have to be created as the external type, but once you have created them you can create an additional model which selects * from the external one and is materialized as a table, at which point the data will actually be persisted inside of Snowflake.

that’s what I did.
I thought maybe there was another option as a part of the package.


The package just provides an abstraction over Snowflake’s functionality - as far as I can tell from looking at Snowflake’s docs, there isn’t a way to copy data from an external table directly into a “real” table without first staging them.

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