dbt-glue Iceberg configurations

Hi All

I am trying to create Iceberg tables via dbt-glue. However table creation is failing as the create table statement is formed this way:-
" create table default.test
using Iceberg …"
Error message is :-
“Failed to find data source: iceberg.”

My profiles.yml looks like this:-
type: glue
role_arn: arn:aws:iam::1234:role/svc-GlueInteractiveSessionRole
region: eu-west-2
workers: 5
worker_type: G.1X
schema: “default”
glue_version: “4.0”
datalake_formats: iceberg

table configuration is like this:-

{{ config(
materialized=‘table’, file_format=‘iceberg’,
table_type=‘iceberg’ )}}

My package list looks like this:-
dbt-athena-community 1.4.0
dbt-core 1.6.7
dbt-extractor 0.4.1
dbt-glue 1.6.1
dbt-semantic-interfaces 0.2.0
dbt-spark 1.6.0

Do I need to download any other package/jar?

This got fixed with the 1.7.3 version of dbt