Dbt leange do not include a table for leange and compile checks

The problem I’m having

I have created an additional model to the project - GitHub - starburstdata/dbt-demo

The my_model_2.sql file contains the single line:

select * from my_db.my_table;

The context of why I’m trying to do this

I run compie, dogs generate, docs server and expect dbt to fail with message that my_db and/or my_table does not exist. But everything works! dbt do not recognize that table and database (schema) are not exist. When I see a leange I see rectangle my_model_2 without any dependecies.

Is there a way to force dbt check existence of table? Or describe it in source section - is the single way?

Thanks in advance!

For dbt to infer dependencies you have to use the {{ ref() }} function, so

select * from {{ ref('my_table') }}