DBT list - macro clean req'd

The problem I’m having - after a clean dbt install, full repo cleanse, dbt clean, dbt deps and finally dbt list I’m told I need to rename one of two macros…

“Compilation Error
dbt found two macros named “snowflake__current_timestamp” in the project
To fix this error, rename or remove one of the following macros:
- macros\utils\timestamps.sql
- macros\adapters.sql”

I’ve tried searching the folders for these macros but they don’t seem to exist - which is odd.

If anyone knows where they are located I’m happy to try the rename.

Thx in advance.

Which are the versions of your dbt-core and dbt-utils?

dbt version gives me 1.0.5 and python version: 3.8.6 utils showed as 0.8.5

Turns out all I had to do was find the macros (not that easy) & delete BOTH of them; renaming or just deleting one didn’t work.