DBT Macro with different parameters

Hi, I am a beginner in DBT. I have a requirement where I have created an Incremental model like below. I need to execute the same Incremental model logic statements for different systems.

There are 3 variables or parameters that I need to pass. i.e. for each run the ATTRIBUTE_NAME, VIEW_NAME, SYSTEM_NAME will need to be passed. For the next run, all the 3 parameters would be different. However, for a particular SYSTEM_NAME, the VIEW_NAME and ATTRIBUTE_NAME are fixed.

Please help me to execute the dbt run using a macro for this requirement and pass the different system names and their corresponding view names and attribute names. Objective is to use single dbt run statement and execute this model for all ATTRIBUTE_NAME, VIEW_NAME, SYSTEM_NAME.

For now, I have defined variable and execute each run separately for each systems like below in CLI

dbt run --vars ‘{“VIEW_NAME”: CCC, “SYSTEM_NAME”: BBBB, “ATTRIBUTE_NAME”: AAAA}’ -m incremental_modelname

dbt run --vars ‘{“VIEW_NAME”: DDD, “SYSTEM_NAME”: FFF, “ATTRIBUTE_NAME”: HHH}’ -m incremental_modelname

dbt run --vars ‘{“VIEW_NAME”: EEE, “SYSTEM_NAME”: GGG, “ATTRIBUTE_NAME”: III}’ -m incremental_modelname

Re-usable incremental model:

					{{ config(materialized='incremental', transient=false, unique_key='composite_key',  
					post_hook="insert into table (col1, col2, col3)
					select '{{ var('**ATTRIBUTE_NAME**') }}',col2, col3 from {{ this }}  a
					join table b on a=b
					where b.SYSTEM_NAME='{{ var('**SYSTEM_NAME**') }}';
					) }}

					with name1 AS (
					  select *from {{ var('**VIEW_NAME**') }}

					select *from name1

					{% if is_incremental() %}

						where   (select timestamp_column from {{ var('**VIEW_NAME**') }}  > (select max(timestamp_column) from {{ this }} where SYSTEM_NAME='{{ var("**SYSTEM_NAME**") }}')
					{% endif %}