dbt run command fails

The problem I’m having

dbt run command fails

The context of why I’m trying to do this

I’m learning dbt with BigQuery connection and following the tutorial

What I’ve already tried

copying the data table ID from BiqQuery into the dbl query:

select * from woofstr-7a206.datasetOne.tableone limit 1000

-- Use the ref` function to select from other models

select *
from {{ ref(‘woofstr-7a206.datasetOne.tableone’) }}
where id = 1`

Some example code or error messages

`07:13:33 Began running node model.my_new_project.my_second_dbt_model
07:13:33 2 of 2 START sql view model dbt_drhodes.my_second_dbt_model … [RUN]
07:13:33 Acquiring new bigquery connection ‘model.my_new_project.my_second_dbt_model’
07:13:33 Began compiling node model.my_new_project.my_second_dbt_model
07:13:33 Writing injected SQL for node “model.my_new_project.my_second_dbt_model”
07:13:33 Timing info for model.my_new_project.my_second_dbt_model (compile): 2023-02-18 07:13:33.031174 => 2023-02-18 07:13:33.044240
07:13:33 Began executing node model.my_new_project.my_second_dbt_model
07:13:33 Writing runtime sql for node “model.my_new_project.my_second_dbt_model”
07:13:33 Opening a new connection, currently in state init
07:13:33 On model.my_new_project.my_second_dbt_model: /* {“app”: “dbt”, “dbt_version”: “1.4.1”, “profile_name”: “user”, “target_name”: “default”, “node_id”: “model.my_new_project.my_second_dbt_model”} */

create or replace view woofstr-7a206.dbt_drhodes.my_second_dbt_model
as – Use the ref function to select from other models

select *
from woofstr-7a206.dbt_drhodes.my_first_dbt_model
where id = 1;

07:13:33 BigQuery adapter: Retry attempt 1 of 1 after error: BadRequest(‘Unrecognized name: id at [10:7]’)
07:13:35 BigQuery adapter: https://console.cloud.google.com/bigquery?project=woofstr-7a206&j=bq:US:1f2e02c4-6540-43b2-9bf0-1cae9995eab1&page=queryresults
07:13:35 Timing info for model.my_new_project.my_second_dbt_model (execute): 2023-02-18 07:13:33.044667 => 2023-02-18 07:13:35.166480
07:13:35 Database Error in model my_second_dbt_model (models/example/my_second_dbt_model.sql)
Unrecognized name: id at [10:7]
compiled Code at target/run/my_new_project/models/example/my_second_dbt_model.sql
07:13:35 Sending event: {‘category’: ‘dbt’, ‘action’: ‘run_model’, ‘label’: ‘f7527181-a24f-4b70-b5ac-eae91acc03a8’, ‘context’: [<snowplow_tracker.self_describing_json.SelfDescribingJson object at 0x7f3afe94fb50>]}
07:13:35 2 of 2 ERROR creating sql view model dbt_drhodes.my_second_dbt_model … [ERROR in 2.14s]
07:13:35 Finished running node model.my_new_project.my_second_dbt_model`
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