Dbt_utils.cardinality_equality not working as expected

Hi wonderful helpers,

  - package: dbt-labs/dbt_utils
    version: 0.7.0

I am trying to use cardinality_equality to test ID info.
I have created two test data where only include identical ID info.

version: 2

  - name: test_2
    description: |
      This data contains unique client_id
      - name: client_id
          - dbt_utils.cardinality_equality:
              field: client_id
              to: ref('test_1')

However, it is not working as expected and does nothing but tells me that “WARNING: Nothing to do”.
I have checked the macro in the dbt_modules, it all looks perfectly fine to me.
Can anyone shed some lights here? Thanks in advance!

Running with dbt=0.20.2
Partial parsing enabled: 0 files deleted, 0 files added, 1 files changed.
Found 26 models, 6 tests, 0 snapshots, 0 analyses, 356 macros, 0 operations, 2 seed files, 12 sources, 0 exposures
WARNING: Nothing to do. Try checking your model configs and model specification args

I am surprised that it is magically working now.
Had no idea what was wrong earlier.
My bad. Can not delete this topic.