Define "dbt_packages" models in my dbt_project.yml?

Hello All!

I am curious if there is a way to configure models in (dbt_packages → snowplow_web) in my dbt_project.yml?

I followed some documentation here - dbt: Web data model | Snowplow Documentation

I would like to not have to call out “dbt run --models snowplow_web tag:snowplow_web_incremental” but instead include these details in my dbt_project.yml so that I can just do “dbt run” if needed.

However I cannot find out any details on how to do this. One option I thought of, would be to override my model-paths: [“models”], however then that removes my model director. Really I just want a pointer to another model directory while preserving my own.

Any advice is appreciated! Thank you!

You can use a selectors.yml file to configure re-usable selectors that can contain whatever model selection logic you’d like. The docs for that are here: YAML Selectors | dbt Docs (

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Thank you @ted.conbeer, I will take a look at these!