Development with full autocomplete?

Like many others, I’m developing in VS Code, mainly python, and (like many others) I’m used to having autocomplete when coding.

I’m using postgres as the backend, and there is no autocompletion of tables and columns as far as I can tell. Can that really be true? I guess you need a connection to the backend, but that should be possible with the information available to dbt. I can see that there are VSCode extensions for standard postgres that allow for autocomplete, but they on the other hand do not work well with Jinja.

Any advice on a good IDE setup?

Are you using the dbt-power-user extension?

Note: @Josh Devlin (he) originally posted this reply in Slack. It might not have transferred perfectly.

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Hi, I was using dbt-formatter (which is basically a light version?), but got power-user working yesterday after some hassle. But the problem is the same no? From what I can tell (both from docs/issues and personal experience), power user does not allow for column completion.