Does dbt cloud IDE supports creating Materialized views on BigQuery?

I’ve been reading tons of releasing notes as well as issues recently. Yet it’s still puzzling to me whether dbt cloud IDE currently supports creating Materialized views on BQ.

I am new to the community and to the dbt per se, so I might be doing this wrong. but I make the config

    materialized = "materialized_view",
      "field": "date",
      "data_type": "DATE",
      "granularity": "day"

to the model that I want it to be a MV. I use cloud IDE connected to my BQ, no additional package installed, and the log I got from the failed dbt run is

07:33:18 Began running node model.my_new_project.dim_daily_revenue
07:33:18 1 of 1 START sql materialized_views model dbt_test.dim_daily_revenue ........... [RUN]
07:33:18 Began compiling node model.my_new_project.dim_daily_revenue
07:33:18 Writing injected SQL for node "model.my_new_project.dim_daily_revenue"
07:33:18 Timing info for model.my_new_project.dim_daily_revenue (compile): 07:33:18.095992 => 07:33:18.114731
07:33:18 Began executing node model.my_new_project.dim_daily_revenue
07:33:18 Timing info for model.my_new_project.dim_daily_revenue (execute): 07:33:18.115668 => 07:33:18.119028
07:33:18 Compilation Error in model dim_daily_revenue (models/core/dim_daily_revenue.sql)
  No materialization 'materialized_views' was found for adapter bigquery! (searched types 'default' and 'bigquery')
07:33:18 1 of 1 ERROR creating sql materialized_views model dbt_test.dim_daily_revenue .. [ERROR in 0.03s]
07:33:18 Finished running node model.my_new_project.dim_daily_revenue

you can just look here and check

Note: @obar1 originally posted this reply in Slack. It might not have transferred perfectly.