Does the version logic slow down the builds?

Hello! We are using the version logic to replace old models, with new ones. In this case we have dim_account_v1 and dim_account_v2, both are build with every job in the environments.
The version control is in the yaml:

  - name: dim_account
    latest_version: 1
    description: "Leading account table"
      - v: 1
      - v: 2

However, now with every build where dim_account is used, it is generating 5 extra lines in the system log:

While compiling ‘dim_xxx’:
Found an unpinned reference to versioned model ‘dim_account’ in project ‘’.
Resolving to latest version: dim_account.v1
A prerelease version 2 is available. It has not yet been marked ‘latest’ by its maintainer.
When that happens, this reference will resolve to dim_account.v2 instead.

Try out v2: {{ ref(‘dim_account’, v=‘2’) }}
Pin to v1: {{ ref( ‘dim_account’, v=‘1’) }}

Now I am wondering about your opinion about if this extra versioning is slowing down the builds, please note that this model has a lineage of 100+ downstream models.