Exclude specific model from source freshness check

I cannot find a way to skip specific models from dbt source freshness checks.
I ran the following code:
dbt source freshness --exclude source: core_stg.cdr_stg_hsr_hsc

core_stg is the schema from sources.yml and cdr_stg_hsr_hsc is the table name from sources.yml

and got the following result:

I think you are close. Just get rid of that white space after the colon and is should work. If not, here is more detail for you…

This works for me:

dbt source freshness --exclude source:source_name.table_name

(provided you are not using a very old version of dbt where this was not possible)

The only issues I see in your post:

  1. you mentioned schema name, which is often different than source name. Make sure you use source name.
  2. The white space after the colon matters. Eliminate that white space to get it to work (assuming number 1 is fine for you).

Thanks a lot! I removed the white space as well as capitalizing the source and table name. I didnt realize it was case sensitive and it fixed the issue.
Appreciate the help

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