Export lineage to image in the new UI

How do I export the data lineage to an image from dbt Explorer UI?

The legacy docs had a simple right click, and Export PNG option in the lineage.


Is this possible with the dbt Explorer UI?

hey @tejas! this is not in the Explorer UI at the moment, but I will raise it with the team – can you say a bit more about why you’d want this rather than a screenshot?

Hey @dave.connors sure.
The simple reason is consistency. Of course, I could easily just screenshot the lineage and use that image, but it is going to be different every time I have to write some documentation.
I need lineage pictures to explain how the models work, write a user manual for some snapshotting features that we developed. Although my preference would be to redirect the users directly to the dbt documentation site, at my work place we use Confluence for some documents and guides, so it would be immensely useful to have the ability to export some lineages to an image just to keep all the documentation consistent.