Generate_alias_name based on node schema

I am trying to create a base schema where we will land all our snapshots/base models, etc from the ELT process.

We are using the naming convention <schema_name>__<table_name> which we’d like to apply conditionally. Models built outside of the base schema should just retain the <table_name> component while the ones in base need both (e.g. there are two separate source system tables named orders which would result in a collision)

I changed the alias name macro to what I thought would work, but it still tells me there is a collison:

What should I use from the node to check this?

{% macro generate_alias_name(custom_alias_name=none, node=none) -%}

    {%- if custom_alias_name is not none -%}
        {{ custom_alias_name | trim }}

    {%- elif == 'prod' and custom_alias_name is none and node.schema != 'base' -%}

        {# in prod pull out the table from <schema>__<table> naming convention #}
        {% do log(node.schema) %}
        {{'__')[1] }}
    {%- else -%}
        {{ }}

    {%- endif -%}

{%- endmacro %}