How can I find which macro it is resolve from this call return(adapter.dispatch('make_temp_relation', 'dbt')(base_relation, suffix))

I am using the incremental_strategy=‘insert’ in one of my models. My adapter is Snowflake. The first time that I run the model everything works fine. But the second time an error is raised because a temp view that i created the same time is being delete the second time. The problem is that the adapter changes the view to a table and of course it fails.
Error in snowflake is “SQL compilation error: Object found is of type ‘VIEW’, not specified type ‘TABLE’.”
so I am trying to follow the call sequence to the culprit. which is as follows:

{% set tmp_relation_type = dbt_snowflake_get_tmp_relation_type(incremental_strategy, unique_key, 'sql') %}

Then it goes into dbt file dbt/include/global_project/macros/adapters/relation.sql

{% macro make_temp_relation(base_relation, suffix='__dbt_tmp') %}
  {{ return(adapter.dispatch('make_temp_relation', 'dbt')(base_relation, suffix)) }}
{% endmacro %}

I am not sure where that call resolves to. Can somebody please explain me where it goes?

About the last question, when you use adapter.dispatch you have to look to the string you passed as the first argument. In this case, you have ‘make_temp_relation’.

What adapter.dispatch does is to search for macro named
<your_adapter>__make_temp_relation, in your case snowflake__make_temp_relation

If this macro does not exist it searched for default__make_temp_relation, that is defined here

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yes, it helped. I end up creating a new macro that dispatch to a Snowflake macro get_drop_view_sql and I replace the call to that macro with the new one.
I will put here the solution if somebody have the same problem. Here is the new macro:
{% macro drop_view_relation_if_exists(relation) %}
{% if relation is not none %}
{{ return(adapter.dispatch(‘get_drop_view_sql’)(relation)) }}
{% endif %}
{% endmacro %}
And this is what I changed in the current code to call the new macro:
From: {% do drop_relation_if_exists(tmp_relation) %}
To: {% do dc.drop_view_relation_if_exists(tmp_relation) %}

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