How can I get compiled model sql from tests

The problem I’m having

I am creating customer tests and which will run in Anomalo.

{% test my_test(model, column_name) %}

    {%- set model_node = graph.nodes.get("model.common_resources.my_graph_source_key") -%}
    {%- set raw_code = model_node["raw_code"] -%}
    {%- set compiled_code = model_node["compiled_code"] -%}

    with cte AS (
    SELECT * FROM cte
    WHERE ...
{% endtest %}

I can get model_node, raw_code, but I cannot get compiled_code while run dbt compile.

May I ask how can I get the compiled sql from models in dbt tests?

The context of why I’m trying to do this

We want to have a unified test for platform without considering about the product sql query.