How can I use packages documentation only?

Hi community!

I am struggling with the docs generation, with my particular setup.

There are two dbt projects: data_quality and main.
The data_quality project is only used by some DataEngineers, with special access to some tables. No one else is able/allowed to run this project.

The main project, is what the rest of the company uses to build their models. All the sources used in the main project come from the data_quality project. In fact, all the tables are listed in sources.yml file pointing to the output of data_quality project .

Both projects describe the models and tests, but when I generate the main docs the sources don’t include the documentation!
I need to list data_quality as a package and change the source to ref pointing to the package to get the documentation in place, but this new config breaks the permissions separation we have in place!

Is there a way to utilise a package without running the package models?
Or even better, is there a way to “export” only the docs of a package to use in another project?


This is a great question @emancu! It’s not possible (yet) but is an area of development that is extremely in the zeitgeist.

We’re currently discussing this on GitHub as a potential area of development in dbt - check out Better mechanisms for cross-project lineage · Discussion #5244 · dbt-labs/dbt-core · GitHub if you want to weigh in!