How do I list models between two points in the DAG?

We have a DAG with >2000 models and to do some debugging I need to check the flow from ModelA to ModelB, and in order to do that I’d like to list the models. Trying to do this on the lineage graph would not be ideal due to its size.
I’ve tried dbt list --select ModelA+,+ModelB to get the intersection of all the downstream models from ModelA and all the upstream ones for ModelB but get an error message The selection criterion 'ModelA+,+ModelB' does not match any nodes. I can select ModelA+ and +ModelB separately with no problems.

Can I tweak my select criteria to get what I want, with extra points for being able to list the models in the order in which they are used?

Is it possible that there simply exist no models in the DAG between ModelA and ModelB?

I ask because I would expect --select ModelA+,+ModelB to be correct.

Note: @Owen originally posted this reply in Slack. It might not have transferred perfectly.

dbt list --select ModelA+,+ModelB works here, I would ask the same question above

:man_facepalming: It does help if you put the + signs in the right place. It’s amazing how much proofreading you have to do after you press Sned. Thanks for taking the time to reply.