How do I save the dbt model run_results to a table in PostgreSQL?

Hi All,

I have a requirement to save the dbt model run_results in a table.

My intention is to capture the below values in a table
“rows_affected”: 0
“execution_time”: 0.6479620933532715
“status”: “success”
“name”: “execute”,
“started_at”: “2024-04-05T14:14:25.859480Z”,
“completed_at”: “2024-04-05T14:14:26.487512Z”}

I tried using the macro below, but no results were captured and entered into the table after a model run.

{% macro store_run_results(run_results) %}
{% for model in run_results %}
{% set res = model %}

    INSERT INTO dbt_meta.model_run_results1 (res)
    VALUES ('{{ res }}');
{% endfor %}

{% endmacro %}


  • “{{ store_run_results(run_results) }}”

Can someone help me with the logic or idea?