How to configure snapshot in dbt_project.yml file

Hello everyone,
I have succesfully created snapshot in config block..
I have been attempting to set up a snapshot in the dbt_project.yml file. I created the order_snap_pro.sql file and placed it in the snapshots folder, and added the configuration below in the dbt_project.yml file. However, I am encountering the following error when running dbt snapshot --select order_snap_pro.

(see attached screen shot)
15:31:04 Running with dbt=1.7.14
15:31:04 Registered adapter: mysql=1.7.0
15:31:04 Unable to do partial parsing because a project config has changed
15:31:10 [WARNING]: Configuration paths exist in your dbt_project.yml file which do not apply to any resources.
There are 1 unused configuration paths:

    15:31:10 Found 3 models, 2 snapshots, 2 seeds, 4 tests, 2 sources, 0 exposures, 0 metrics, 499 macros, 0 groups, 0 semantic models
    15:31:10 The selection criterion ‘order_snap_pro’ does not match any nodes
    15:31:10 Nothing to do. Try checking your model configs and model specification args
    (dbt_venv) PS G:\dbt\analytics>

please suggest me if i miss anything here.

Snapshots have to be defined inside a snapshot block (see Add snapshots to your DAG | dbt Developer Hub, note the {% snapshot orders_snapshot %})


{% snapshot orders_snapshot %}



select * from {{ source('jaffle_shop', 'orders') }}

{% endsnapshot %}

Also why in your dbt_project.yml you have order_s, and the name of the file is order_snap_pro?