How to create models in a database outside of source database?

In my dbt project file, I have specified the location for most of my models as follows:

  warehouse: stitch_database  
  database: stitch_database      
  schema: analytics_100_stripe    
  materialized: table
  transient: false   
  copy_grants: true   

I want some models to output in a database outside of stitch_database, and grant some external users access to only this database, but I need to pull from the same stitch_database source tables. I have determined this output as follows:

  warehouse: stitch_database
  database: analytics_external
  schema: analytics_external_data    
  materialized: table
  transient: false   
  copy_grants: true   

When I run the model, I get the following message. I have granted the dbt user all necessary permissions, I believe. But this error still feels like a permissions issue.

14:38:28 Encountered an error:
Runtime Error
Database error while listing schemas in database “analytics_external”
Database Error
002043 (02000): SQL compilation error:
Object does not exist, or operation cannot be performed.

Is it not possible to output models into a different database than the one I am pulling from?

it could be because of the below issues

  • database analytics_external doesn’t exists
  • the dbt user has no access to the database

please check these two things