How to exclude a MODEL/SEED in DAG if TESTS fail instead of failing the whole DAG build

The problem I’m having

I have configured TESTs for a SEED I’m working with. In order for the TEST to execute, the SEED must be created as a TABLE first into Snowflake. At this point, even if the TESTs fail and tell me, the damage is done as the SEED is now in Snowflake.

The context of why I’m trying to do this

I’d like to prevent wrong data from entering Snowflake in the first place… hence the TEST. How do I do this?

What I’ve already tried

I’ve configured the tests and it runs correctly. But I need to stop the SEED from being materialised into Snowflake if the TESTS fail - or ROLL BACK if it does fail…

Some example code or error messages

No error messages as the TESTS are running as they should be. It tells me when the tests fail but it’s too late then… the seed has been created in Snowflake as a table by then.