How to get upstream documentation to flow downstream (without manually updating)

Hi, I’m trying to create column-level documentation for staging models and would like to see that documentation populated downstream in later models when those columns are brought in using the ref() function with a documented staging model. I don’t see an automatic feature that does that currently within dbt.
ex: stg_model_a is fully documented. int_model_abc brings in stg_model_a. When I create documentation for int_model_abc, I would like any documentation from stg_model_a to be brought into int_model_abc without any manual effort.

I know that I could use the Codegen macro with the upstream_documentation configuration but that would still require me to populate that, copy that information, and update the YAML file. This is quite manual, and if upstream columns are changed, this would need to be done for all downstream models.

Is there a way to have dbt do the heavy lifting for this?

I’m using dbt-osmosis for this