How to perform github actions on cloud dbt?

Version Control, on my dbt-cloud account IDE only shows the following action options:

  • Comit and sync
  • Revert
  • Create a pull request on GitHub
  • Refresh git state

How do I perform common github actions, including:

Now that you’ve built your customer model, you need to commit the changes you made to the project so that the repository has your latest code.

  1. Click Commit and add a message. For example, “Add customers model, tests, docs.”

Click merge to main To add these changes to the main branch on your repo.


  • The dbt fundamentals course content has 2018 content.
  • Quickstart for dbt Cloud and BigQuery | dbt Developer Hub was last updated on Mar 29, 2023, but for example does not elaborate on how to ‘merge to main’. A click a ‘merge to main’ option does not appear where indicated by the documentation.
  • googling ‘how to manage dbt code on github’ doesn’t provide practical help on how to manage dbt git repositories

You can only change branches when your current branch is clean (i.e. there are no uncommitted changes)

You merge branches to main in the GitHub UI (through GitHub’s PR flow), and then pull changes from main back into your branch IDE. This might be incorrectly/confusingly described in the quickstart guide; I’ll pass that to the docs team!


Further to your deficient doc acknowledgement - The following link explains how to merge branches on the github UI by ‘Merging a pull request’:

I don’t understand why you say “… and then pull changes from main back into your branch”. The changes pulled from the branch into the main are already in the branch. Why would you pull changes from the main (that were pulled from the branch) back into the branch when they’re already there…?

The changes are present on the remote server, but need to be pulled into the IDE’s copy of the repo. I have edited my last message to clarify